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Dr. Mohammad Monzur -E- Elahi

Name: Mohammad Monzur -E- Elahi

– PhD in Islamic Shariah awarded with first class honours on 28 May 2003 from the Islamic University of Madinah on the dissertation “The Opinions of Imam Abu Mansur Al-Bagdadi (died in 429AH) in Usul al-Fiqh : a comparative study with the other opinions of Sharia scholars”.
– MA in Islamic Shariah from the Islamic University of Madinah With Grade
“Distinction” in 1997.
– Bachelor in Islamic Shariah from the said University With Grade “Very Good” in 1992.
“Fazil” from Madrasa-i-Alia Dhaka
1st Division
“Alim” from Jamea-i-Quasemia Norshingdi
1st Division with 6th place
“Dakhil” from Toomchar Senior Madrasah
1st Division with 5th place
– Completed a training course on “Arabic Language & Islamic Culture” held in Dhaka in 1987, conducted by Islamic University of Madinah.
– Two short computer courses in Madinah
– A complete course in Arabic typing
– A 3 months course of Bengali language pronunciation & poetry recitation administered by the TSC of Dhaka University in 1985
– A short training course in debating from Dhaka University Debating Society in 1986
Bengali —– Excellent
Arabic —– Excellent
English —– Excellent
Urdu —– Fair

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